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Pushed 3 changes to painless-tools

@BarbarinoJulian Yeah, there's a lot of bad podcasters out there. I've been on my fair share of podcasts -- some interviewers can really suck.

finish a test and interview
Pushed 2 changes to flowoid
馃捇 Shopify Buy SDK

I do live streams every two weeks (or so). I enjoy it and it has given me the opportunity to chat with amazing product people.

first feedback on new onboarding
fixed css issues
record podcast episode
Created and integrated more promo GIFs

I haven鈥檛 made a podcast, but I do plan to eventually (Far future I think). Most of the podcasts I have enjoyed are the ones that have more than one person involved and they carry it out as a conversation opposed to many I have heard that go into it as if it were a lecture.

Insterting take Sergio. I argree on the part, in which podcasting is time consuming. The Shipcast was a good podcast, when it started. I consume podcast whenever I can. Haven't in a while though

I tried to podcast once with the Shipcast, I found it wasn't for me. It was rather time consuming & scheduling was a bit of a pain.

That was my experience, at least on the creation aspect. I consume podcasts every once in a while though.

Would be interesting to see what @gabriel4649 & @kyle think, they're both building indie businesses based on podcasting.

Fix bug on form validation for deep objects

What are your experiences with podcasting?

What are your experiences with podcasting?

To me, podcasting has grown on me. It's really nice to hear someone talk about a topic that interests you.

Podcasting has helped many grow their brands, and has helped me get inspired. What about you?

Working with the customer/ user to create something valuable to them (something they want to buy and use)

Merge pull request from withoutwaxaryan/aryan_questions Added questions in various directories!
Added questions in various directories!

Big fan of April Dunford's Obviously Awesome.

Merge pull request from withoutwaxaryan/aryan Added 5 cool acronyms!
Added 5 cool acronyms!
馃崨 celebrate today's win with fish curry & good conversation
Submitted our pitch to the university startup competition (hopefully, their website is broken haha)
Get out of the house