Connect with your audience

Adding the site switcher

With Audience you can have multiple sites, the site switcher will also show some stats, like the number of subscribers, but I'll also be adding newsletter stats here too,

Also thinking a lot about adding a lot of colour to the UI,

Building out the main layout.

The new base layout for Audience is starting to look good. This is the bit when I build out the menu and think it's great and in a few weeks I think ..... eh......

But the goal is to make it easy for you to do what you want. For example, I'm putting the "Connect your email provider" link right in the nav bar on top. If you have connected, it will show that you have connected.

I think this will also help with the onboarding. You don't have to click through many things to get going. In the olden days of V1, I was making users connect with their email provider before getting into the app, and I think switching it around will help. (this is why feedback is good)

Coffee and some planning

My overall idea for Audience V2 is starting to take shape. I have been very deliberate in taking this slow. I've gathered a lot of feedback from users and people who send newsletters, which has been helpful.

I've also been going down a marketing rabbit hole, especially around B2B and what B2B email marketing looks like.

The 3rd part has been thinking about what I want to build. What would I find enjoyable to build and what I need from an email marketing tool. To get a bit deep, can I build audience in a way so it can market audience through email marketing. But I also have other products that need a good email marketing tool.

So that's the scope that's feeding into the V2 design.

Audience V2 new login screen

I am going fully retro for the new login screen of Audience, who needs CSS! 😀

Review the editor

A little review this morning, to lock into what I want to have in the V1 of the new editor.

This is about creating a good base and foundation for what I want to build on later.

Image support

Adding image support into the editor, you can now add columns and add the image to some, text in others.


I've been slacking off on this but a bit more work on the editor. Getting some steps for the flow on adding blocks to the email.

Email Editor

I am adding in the some of the email structure parts, creating 1, 2, 3,4 columns to the email.

Image widget

Drop an image onto the email in the editor, got the basic upload and adding it onto the email working, still some interesting plans for this one.

Text widget

The first widget is for adding text to the email editor.

design work

Working on the design for adding columns and containers to the email in the new editor

Building out the widget menu

Working on some of the UI for the editor, around the widget menu.

I'm still playing around with some colour schemes and changes there.

Content planning

Took a bit of time this morning to work out some ideas around the content for Audience.

I have a few ideas that could be really interesting to try.

Coffee and UX design work

A bit of work on the UX flow for the new editor along with the coffee.


Time to start working on pulling the prototypes together with some proper UX so I can build a V0

Add new text/image section

A bit more work on the editor to start the week, I'm working on adding text/image sections to the email now.

I think I found a bug

It appears to be a bug, but I created it so it's probably a feature 😂
James Kenny Author

It's supposed to be 3 text editors for 3 different columns of text. It's just a CSS issue, it's not showing the other editors

James Kenny Author



Design time

I spent a bit of time working out a few ideas I have for the new editor, and what I want it to do.

Adding in the text editor

I've added in the text editor into the editor, (can I get more editor into this description.... yes I can)

The editor can now let you edit the text in different sections of the email or template.

Editor work

Some more work on the new editor. Working on getting it to update the sections.

Playing with text editors for the new editor

The new editor needs a text editor, so it's been a bit of a play date for me, trying a few different editors to see what I think of them.