One-Click Project Planning for smart IT Teams BestCase enables the planning of IT projects, product developments and feature requests in less than 5 minutes. From the idea to finding a solution, our AI automates all time-consuming steps up to the first implementation, reducing the time-to-market. Get started for FREE: 🐣Features ✔ AI-supported generation of user stories ✔ AI-supported generation of features, test-cases and acceptance criterias ✔ Table, Gantt, Kanban, Dashboard views ✔ Workload-management of team-members ✔ Manage your team including their skills ✔ Task management ✔ Time-Tracking ✔ Project-Portfolio Dashboard ✔ Agile methodology ✔ Waterfall methodology Read more about Bestcase: 🥇Who is BestCase for? ✔Freelancers in IT-industry ✔Product Owners ✔Project Managers ✔IT-Teams ✔Software Agencies ✔Software Departments ✔Remote teams ✔AI-enthusiasts

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