Max Diamond


Test ideas for next app

I'm working on a new app already, one to solve an issue I have myself so I'll be building it for myself first!
Max Diamond Author

That is true, it may be an idea I come back to in the future

Carl Poppa πŸ›Έ

what's the issue? πŸ‘€


Add plug to other app to Manchester Trams

Now added a link to Manchester Buses app from the Trams app to push traffic to it. Hopefully, this update should pass Google Play review πŸ˜…

Build landing page

Ive been working on a simple MVP for a new saas, so I've spent the day building a landing page and plan on contacting target customers next week

Submit app for review

Over the past month, I've been building a bus tracker app for Greater Manchester after the success of my other local travel app Manchester Trams.

Finally got it into review after some bug fixes, hoping it passes 😎