Jason Leow

Indie hacker, solopreneur | Creating a diverse portfolio of products + services.

Day 62 - Aren't we pandering to the people's whims & fancies by asking them what they want?

Day 60 - We're busy fighting fires everyday and have no time for design thinking!

Day 55 - What to do when your boss says there's no budget to try design thinking

πŸ”₯50 days of making & writing on Makerlog. Yeaaahhhhh πŸ’ͺ

Day 54 - How do I convince my boss to try out new ways of working, using design thinking?

πŸ“– Wow I wrote ~100 pages of content on in under 2 months. Crazy!

πŸ”₯Carlos Branco

Just keep going! :D


Day 51 - Public Design FAQs: Why you should listen to me, but not really

Practice project for Bootstrap - made an app landing page in under 3h! 😳