Josh Manders

Founder @ NiftyCo && Chief Makerlogger

Fix Slack invite link

Sorry Slack decided to expire the invite link, so nobody could join. I fixed that.

Launch my for hire page

I am not available for contracting work.

Start doing some mockups

Starting to build this app again and doing some mockups for various pages of it.

Working on the docs site for Kubit

Started playing with VitePress to setup the docs site for Kubit... I'm really liking how it's looking.

Update leaderboard to show weekly.

The race is on!
James Kenny

Oh it's GO TIME!!!

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So what's the leaderboard for? I thought you were getting rid of streaks. Also what metric is it tracking?


Bump default session age to 8 hours

When you sign into Makerlog you have the option of telling the app to remember you, if you check that the app drops an extra cookie on your machine so when you come back anytime that cookie is valid, you'll be re-authenticated.

But if you don't, you will need to re-authenticate after 2 hours. I bumped that to 8 hours now.

Impelement account confirmation

New users now need to confirm their accounts before they can create anything on the site.


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Josh Manders Author Staff

I just realized I typo'd implement. damnit.


Go through and make sure redirects work

Changing a lot of urls and missed a few cases so I had to update redirect rules for old content.

Open attachments in lightbox modal

Since we store attachments in S3/DO Spaces, they are currently for some reason being uploaded with the wrong content-type causing the browser to download them instead of showing them. While I do need to fix that, a quick fix is to just open the full size in a modal. So now they do.

Restrict usernames to alphanumeric with dashes/underscores

A spammer signed up with a username that had spaces and it broke things, whoops.

Now only allowed alphanumeric with underscores and dashes.

Get the last backup of legacy db

Download the last backup I'll get from legacy server before it goes off line in 10 days.

It's only staying up right now in the event that I need to utilize it for something, but will be completely deleted by March 1st.

Launch Makerlog Next

James Robey


James Kenny

It's Go time!


Makerlog Next is coming this weekend.

James Kenny