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Applied for Lecturer & Consultant, User Experience (UX) Design, NUS-ISS - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3843610710 #outsprint


All the best with the application, Jason!

Jason Leow Author

Thanks buddy! No high hopes with this one as I tried before


More coordination and scheduling work for client's research respondents #outsprint

Co-delivered/-facilitated a half day design thinking workshop for gov Ministry #outsprint

Prep for verbal delivery and facilitation at design thinking workshop tomorrow #outsprint

Lots of rescheduling (and therefore extra work!) for research interview sessions the past week. WTF is going on #outsprint

Reschedule research session again for another respondent no-show due to fever #outsprint

Conducted, co-facilitated half day design thinking workshop for gov Ministry #outsprint

๐Ÿ˜“ Resolve issue with client where respondent did not have a key criterion. Contacted all remaining respondents to double check they all fulfil that criterion! #outsprint

Sent out reminders to users for their upcoming user interview sessions, re-scheduled 1 session to next week #outsprint

Found and scheduled my final respondent! User recruitment gig completed! #outsprint

Sent out more texts for help in finding that last user profile.. Cool trick of searching for "ITE graduate" in LinkedIn search, found a student, who connected me to 9 of his friends ๐Ÿ”ฅ #outsprint

wah this is genius!

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Jason Leow Author

Got this from another consultant friend!


Video interview with boss of gov agency for service designer role #outsprint

w00t! crossing my fingers for you JSON ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž

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how many rounds of interviews were there?

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Completed and co-facilitated Day 2 of 2-day design thinking workshop. Completely wiped out. #outsprint

Conducted, co-facilitated Day 1 of 2-day design thinking workshop for gov agency #outsprint

Video call + preparation for 2-day design thinking workshop with gov agency starting tomorrow! #outsprint

Finalised last few respondents for user recruitment project. Only 1 profile left to find! #outsprint

Conducted, co-facilitated half day design thinking workshop #outsprint

Replied and arranged for chat session with HR - for service designer job interview at EDB #outsprint

More coordination and scheduling of respondents' interview sessions #outsprint

Scheduled more respondents, updated spreadsheet with confirmed interviews in chronological order for client #outsprint

Sent out final round of confirmations to schedule research sessions with selected respondents #outsprint

Preparation and mental rehearsal for virtual workshop tomorrow #outsprint