Jason Leow

Indie hacker, solopreneur | Creating a diverse portfolio of products + services.

Added 1 new item GeoDirectory (https://wpgeodirectory.com/), a WordPress directory plugin, to Directory Starters directory (https://listskit.com/directorystarters/) #listskit

Day 1220 - Privacy-first SaaS ideas - https://golifelog.com/posts/privacy-first-saas-ideas-1714788094469 #lifelog

Added 1 new item Houzez (houzez.co), a WordPress real estate directory theme, to the Directory Starters directory (listskit.com/directorystarters) #listskit

Day 1219 - Indie hacking is like gardening - https://golifelog.com/posts/indie-hacking-is-like-gardening-1714692516465 #lifelog

Inspired by coolshap.es project by @realvjy and made new logo for Commit365 Telegram group (https://t.me/commit365) #commit365

Added 1 new item SaasConstruct (saasconstruct.com), a AWS SaaS boilerplate by @server_kota, to the SaaS Starters directory #listskit

Day 1218 - 3 jobs, 10 projects - https://golifelog.com/posts/3-jobs-10-projects-1714617219274 #lifelog

Day 1217 - May 2024 goals - https://golifelog.com/posts/may-2024-goals-1714556433496 #lifelog

Added 1 new item SheetDB, a Google Sheet to JSON API SaaS, to the Directory Starters directory (listskit.com/directorystarters) #listskit

Completed the finale, iteration workshop for non profit client. S$9k incoming! πŸ€‘ #outsprint

Day 1216 - April 2024 wrap-up - https://golifelog.com/posts/april-2024-wrap-up-1714445397701 #lifelog

Added 1 new item Nodewood, a Vue, Node.js boilerplate by @danhulton, to the SaaS Starters directory (listskit.com./saasstarters) #listskit

Prepared and sent slide deck for user testing workshop to non profit client #outsprint

Added 1 new item Simplidirectory, a NextJS directory boilerplate by @gouthamjay8, to Directory Starters (listskit.com/directorystarters) #listskit

Day 1215 - Google rereleases - https://golifelog.com/posts/google-rereleases-1714356952368 #lifelog

Added 1 new item FastPocket (fastpocket.dev), a React-Pocketbase boilerplate by @meinbiz, to SaaS Starters directory (listskit.com/saasstarters)

Day 1214 - Boring business - https://golifelog.com/posts/boring-business-1714275956432 #lifelog

Added 1 new item SaaSykit, a Laravel boilerplate by @AmasCreates, to SaaS Starters directory (listskit.com/saasstarters) #listskit

Scheduled weekly newsletter to publish on Saturday later today - https://jasonleow.substack.com/p/honest-progress #indiejourney

Day 1213 - Open source vs closed source SaaS - https://golifelog.com/posts/open-source-vs-closed-source-saas-1714174029735 #lifelog

Day 1212 - Boring is freedom - https://golifelog.com/posts/boring-is-freedom-1714117650245 #lifelog

Added 1 new item Fast Flutter (fastfluttertemplate.com), a Flutter boilerplate by @josef__wilhelm, to the SaaS Starters directory (listskit.com/saasstarters) #listskit